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Richard Calvo Photography Prints for sale - New York City, Delaware, inspired by Ansel Adams

     Richard Calvo (1944 - 2019) was a New York City born-and-bred photographer who created his distinctive photographs for more than 50 years.  Primarily concerned with city and landscapes, his works have been compared to those of Robert Frost and Andrew Wyeth as having a deceptively simple style which becomes a vehicle for a more complex and demanding sense of reality.  At times his photography can be contemplative and silent and is said to reawaken the lost art of being alone, while at other times it can become graphically evocative, conjuring familiar images from the subtle harmonies of nature.

     Helen Harrison of The New York Times described his photography as "romantic… almost abstract in its concentration on shape, tone, and texture." Citing Mr. Calvo's work, she explained how the best works "stretch the boundaries of visual perception beyond the straightforward."  Her colleague, Phyllis Braff, described his luminous black-and-white prints as "crisp perfection."

     Calvo, a master printer, believed his compositions are no more important than the techniques he used to express them.  He believed in the integrity of each piece and printed every piece individually, giving each its own, distinct personality.

     Richard Calvo spent his childhood in New York City and began working towards his degree in English Literature at NYU.  He was drafted during the Vietnam War and sent to Vietnam as part of a Public Information Office unit.  The duties of this group involved documenting and reporting newsworthy happenings in the war, both on the battlefield and off, and dealing with visiting media and dignitaries.  Richard’s primary task was to write but he found a keen interest in the photographic aspect of this job. He returned from Vietnam with a camera and a new passion.

     Richard and his wife Lori, who has had a major role in orchestrating his shows and exhibitions, moved to southern Delaware in 2013, where Richard found inspiration in the serene rural and coastal surroundings.

     Dedicated to his art, he spent his final years traveling throughout the Northeast and mid-Atlantic to capture his uniquely styled images.  These he printed digitally in his southern Delaware studio and regularly introduced new work in small, limited editions.

     Mr. Calvo's images may be viewed at galleries throughout Europe, Canada, Japan, and the United States, as well as in many private and corporate collections. 

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